Utiliser IA en entreprise

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Companies

Much more than just a technological innovation, artificial intelligence represents a tipping point in the entrepreneurial landscape. A veritable 2.0 assistant, this revolutionary tool is a major asset for leaders in optimizing, developing, and nurturing their organization. From now on, it’s up to them to learn how to harness the power of AI, by gradually […]

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Sustainabilty in business

Sustainability in Business: A Guide for Leaders

With the climate change crisis worsening, sustainability in business has become a crucial strategic axis both at the executive and operational levels. Today’s executives must now implement practices that concretely contribute to minimizing their structure’s impact on our natural ecosystems. To do this, it is essential to adopt a flexible and transversal approach. Here is […]

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CEO a role in transition

CEO: a Role in Transition

The Chief Executive Officer holds a pivotal position within any organization. Armed with solid skills in marketing, management, and finance, the CEO takes charge of the company’s strategy and guarantees its seamless operation. Well, that’s the job description “on paper”. In reality, however, the role of the CEO goes far beyond that of a strategist. […]

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Réseautage professionnel, à quoi cela sert ?

Why Is Professional Networking Important for Executives and Managers?

In an ever-changing professional world, knowing how to network has become an essential skill in its own right. In addition to its obvious positive impact on the professional level, networking, when done right, also has benefits on a personal level. Gains in self-confidence, career success, and connections to a community are just a few of […]

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What is the contribution of human resources in 2022?

In recent years, the role of human resources has been redefined. With the pandemic and the realities of the job market, the HR function has experienced rapid growth in many organizations. Today, the contribution of human resources in organizations has no choice but to evolve. I had the chance to discuss this subject with the […]

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    Is the 4-day work week realistic?

    There’s no denying it, the job market is undergoing a revolution. Remote working, hybrid working, flexible working hours, and the reorganization of office space are not the only elements marking this transition. More and more companies are considering adopting the 4-day work week. But why? And is it realistic? While the four-day week may be […]

    • 5 min reading

    How Do You Avoid Your Offers Being Rejected?

    Though longstanding, the phenomenon where offers are rejected is intensifying. The candidate-driven market suggests that this trend is not going to reverse soon. Besides, it is estimated that about 50% of job offers are rejected. Recruiters ask then themselves, “what to do in this recurring situation?” While there doesn’t seem to be a single answer, […]

    • 3 min reading

    Why bet on soft skills during recruitment?

    Are you looking for the rare gem? Is the labour shortage giving you trouble? Has the turnover rate within your company reached unprecedented proportions? What if it was because you don’t place enough emphasis on soft skills when recruiting talent? Soft skills are becoming more and more sought after. My colleague, Sophie Maignan was even […]

    , • 3 min reading

    Is the traditional resume still relevant?

    Today’s job market is candidate-driven. As such, it’s essential to maximize their experience. Does the traditional CV compromise talent attraction? Is it still relevant in 2022, in the midst of a labour shortage? During the last Live Discussions I hosted, a few participants mentioned that they no longer used resumes in their recruitment. So, I […]

    • 3 min reading

    Building a CSR Program

    In these difficult times when attention is turned to the pandemic and the labour shortage, why talk about corporate social responsibility? The answer should be obvious. A company seeking to increase their CSR is a company focusing on actions that have a positive impact, and this is good for everyone. For your company, your employees, […]

    • 3 min reading

    The Importance of Recognition and Appreciation

    Are you doing a good job? Do your colleagues and superiors notice? If so, how do you know? Do you feel you need more recognition at work? It’s important to note that lack of recognition is the second most common cause of stress in the workplace, while appreciation and recognition help build a positive, motivating, […]

    , • 3 min reading

    Quality of Life in the Workplace

    At a time when the labour shortage is hitting hard, many companies understand that increasing salaries is only one of the facets of attracting and retaining employees. In this respect–and this is all the more true with the pandemic–it’s becoming increasingly clear that the quality of life offered by an employer is one of the most […]

    , • 3 min reading

    Can pay equity be maintained despite the labour shortage?

    These days, candidates are scarce. To attract talent, you decide to increase entry salaries and offer a hiring bonus. But what’s the impact of these practices on your current employees? If, in absolute terms, these measures seem effective in the short run, what are the consequences for your company’s payroll and for equity between your […]

    • 3 min reading

    What to do when a candidate receives counteroffers?

    After investing a lot of time, money, and effort into recruiting talent, you think you’ve finally found the gem you’ve been looking for. After receiving your offer, the candidate gets back to you, stating that their current employer has made them a more interesting counteroffer, thus declining the invitation to join your team. Does this […]

    • 3 min reading

    Maintaining a corporate culture in a hybrid context?

    What happens to the culture of an organization when the hybrid work model is implemented? How do you maintain or build a culture when you’re only in the office part-time? One of the aspects that comes up regularly during our Live Discussions and D-RH Live HR-D is the fragility of corporate culture with employees working […]

    • 3 min reading

    How to Develop Your Employer Brand

    Is the employer brand a fad or is it here to stay? What’s its use and how should it be developed? Why should you be interested in the employer brand? When we consider that 86% of HR professionals believe that recruiting is increasingly akin to marketing and that 84% of job seekers say that an […]

    , • 3 min reading

    Strategies to Counter the Labour Shortage

    Our previous article on disengagement revealed how disengagement is a severe . When you consider the labour shortage that is getting worse over time. After a lot of research and thanks to our Live Discussions, we have identify some strategies that can be implemented to address the talent shortage. An Issue That We Can’t Ignore […]

    • 3 min reading

    Diversity and inclusion

    While they’ve certainly been discussed profusely in recent years, diversity and inclusion are much more than just a hot topic: they are integral responsibilities of employers. In this article, we offer ways to better understand, approach and manage these elements in the work environment. Diversity and inclusion:  a definition Diversity refers to all the attributes of […]

    • 3 min reading

    5 Steps to Manage Difficult Conversations at Work

    A colleague makes an inappropriate comment. An employee confesses a serious mistake or you notice them making one. The performance one of your team members is declining. These are all situations where you have no choice but to address the problem. Engaging in difficult conversations at work that can lead to conflict is far from easy. […]

    • 3 min reading

    3 Tips to Accelerate Your Professional Progress

    The year is coming to an end. At this time of the year, many people take stock of their personal and professional life. What were your most successful moves and what mistakes can you learn from? In addition to looking back on the most important moments of your year, take this time to reflect on […]

    • 3 min reading