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International Recruitment Firm

At radar, we know that the right executive talent can make all the difference in an organization’s success. That’s why our international recruitment firm focuses on finding the best talent across the globe.

Our team of international headhunters has the expertise and first-hand geographical knowledge necessary to find the perfect candidate for executive positions. Whether our clients are expanding their business in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or across Europe, we can help you source the executive talent your organization needs to thrive.

We understand that every organization is unique. That’s why we offer comprehensive recruitment services, including talent assessment and management, to ensure that each client finds the perfect fit for their team.

Our territories

01 United States

Our executive search leaders maintain local expertise in San Francisco, South Florida, Massachusetts, and Colorado, with local executive connections open to opportunities across multiple industries. We primarily focus on life sciences, biotechnology, manufacturing, and consumer products. Our team has first-hand geographical knowledge and deep talent pools in the North and Southeast of the United States as well as California and the West Coast.

02 Canada

Through completing mandates at all levels in multiple industries and functions, our firm has developed a strong reach across Canada. Our team has first-hand geographical knowledge and deep talent pools in Quebec, Ontario, and throughout Canada. We use this first-hand geographical knowledge to source talent perfectly suited for your specific goals and needs from our deep talent pools.

03 Europe

With over 44 locations across the world, our international search firm has first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities that come with each region in Europe. Thanks to this, our team has expertise in mandates across Europe with a deep network of senior leaders in multiple industries and functions. This gives our clients access to the best talent throughout the EU.

04 United Kingdom

To help you find top talent that fits the unique requirements of executive leadership in the UK, we established several offices specifically for the UK. These offices maintain local connections with leaders in the life sciences, biotechnology, manufacturing, and consumer products industries to help you fill your open roles.

Cross-Cultural Leadership

At radar, we understand that every organization operates under its own unique culture that thrives under a specific leadership style. Understanding this, our team of experts takes the time to truly understand your organization’s culture, leadership style, and values. This allows us to identify the ideal candidates who are qualified for the position and who fit seamlessly into your organization’s culture.

Our recruitment services are designed to be flexible and personalized to meet your specific hiring needs. Whether you require a single executive search or a full-scale recruitment campaign, we are equipped to handle it all.

AI-Enhanced Sourcing Tools

To stay at the forefront of innovation and technology, we use AI-enhanced sourcing tools to help us identify top talent quickly and efficiently. Our AI-powered tools allow us to search vast amounts of data to identify individuals with the skills and experience necessary for a particular role. This technology enables us to cast a wider net and find candidates who may need to be found through traditional search methods.

Although we leverage AI to make our international executive search services more efficient, we still understand the need for a human touch. Combining our AI technologies with our expertise allows us to consistently deliver results for our clients by finding and hiring top-level talent across the globe.

Connect with Us

The team at radar understands the importance of finding the right talent to help your organization succeed. So, we offer customized recruitment services to fit your unique needs.

Whether you need to fill a key executive role immediately or want help building out your executive team, we can help. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help deliver the leadership your organization needs to thrive in today’s competitive markets.