Our Industries

Through our international presence, our headhunting firm has an unparalleled knowledge of the global business and talent landscape in over 22 industries. This expertise, combined with our exclusive AI sourcing tools, and rigorous search process will help you find the best leaders to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

What Makes Our Team Different?

Having an advisor who has experienced your daily challenges simply cannot be replaced. Our team of consultants possesses practical knowledge in the industries we specialize in, and has established connections with many exceptional leaders. As you may know, hiring the wrong CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs can become quite costly. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary costs and recurring changes in executive staff, make sure to find the right people sooner than later. Our experts will help you by giving you access to a large pool of highly qualified potential candidates and accompanying you through every step of the recruitment process. And of course, all of this process takes place within the utmost confidentiality.

Work With Us

Looking to fill executive positions in your company? Our global team of expert headhunters will help you find the perfect candidates. Thanks to a proven method in executive search, and unique AI-powered tools, we will help you stay ahead of competition. As finding good leaders is central to a company’s growth strategy, we offer to accompany you throughout the recruitment process, and even after. Our global team effectively identifies and attracts the top talent for our clients, while advising them on their recruitment and onboarding processes in the most relevant and effective way.


Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Looking for C-level executives in the life sciences and biotech industries? radar is committed to finding great leaders that fit your organization’s culture and vision.



Are you looking for an executive search team that understands the manufacturing industry? Then radar is your best ally. We are committed to finding the right talent for you.



Look no further, radar is an executive search firm that understands the technology industry and is committed to finding the right talent for you.