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We are radar, an international headhunting firm. Over the last two decades, our team of senior search consultants has led our company to become one of the leading international firms, with a renowned track record in executive search. With a global presence and a deep understanding of diverse industries and markets, we have already successfully connected hundreds of organizations with top-tier executive talent across the globe.

The Values That Guide Us

Passion, teamwork, and excellence form the very foundation of our clients’ triumphs and are the driving force behind our own accomplishments.


We firmly believe that achieving talent synergy is a critical catalyst for success.

That’s why we always work as a team on every assignment. This means there will always be at least 3 team members on each collaboration with a client. By working together as a team, we ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for each client, for each mandate.

In addition to collaborating on a daily basis, we create strategic alliances locally and globally to provide the best service to our clients, regardless of their line of business and geographical location. This extensive network of experts ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and specialized attention throughout the executive search process.

We also believe that collaboration should transcend the boundaries of our business. Therefore, we strive to establish genuine partnerships with our clients, ensuring our solutions are tailored to their unique needs and objectives. It is by forging these strong partnerships and working closely with our clients that, as a team, we can establish impactful solutions that drive lasting success.


We never settle for second best. Our mission is to be at the forefront of our industry, constantly staying updated with the latest trends and cutting-edge solutions. By embracing innovation, we ensure our clients receive the finest service tailored to their unique requirements.

We are steadfast in our commitment to our clients’ success and determined to change lives. We place stakeholder satisfaction at the core of our process and make sure to satisfy—even exceed—expectations. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond finding talent with the requisite skills and abilities; we strive to identify individuals whose personalities and values align seamlessly with our clients’ organizational culture. Focusing on this holistic approach creates synergistic matches that lead to mutual success.

On top of matching the clients’ needs, we are also committed to changing the lives of our candidates themselves. Beyond ambition, their happiness is a key measurement of our success. That’s why we keep in touch with them regularly after hiring to ensure they are happy and excelling in their role.


At the core of our mission is a deep-rooted passion for our clients’ success. This passion leads us to remain at the forefront of industry knowledge while staying abreast of the latest practices and emerging technologies. It’s that same passion that makes it possible to stay ahead of the curve in this increasingly competitive market. And finally, it is with this kind of passion that we are able to empower our clients with strategic advantages and position them for long-term growth and prosperity.

We don’t just do our work. We do it with energy and the conviction that we make a difference. This is what real passion is all about.

Our Services

We specialize in headhunting services for a variety of clients. Start-ups and international companies alike have benefited from our tailor-made support.

Our main headhunting firm services are as follows:


Executive Search

Our talented team will identify the experts in your field who can have a significant and lasting impact on your company’s culture and results.


Executive Search Consulting

The knowledge, techniques, and guidance we provide will give you the needed tools to influence a Leader's ability to succeed.


Talent Sourcing and Market Landscaping

Our team’s expertise, combined with a proprietary AI-enhanced sourcing tool will help you obtain a precise and thorough pool of potential candidates for your business.

Why Radar Stands Out

Founded by entrepreneur and CEO Patrick McLean, radar stands out in the world of headhunting with a mission rooted in values and a commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. With a foundation of exceptional teamwork and a deep appreciation for passion, radar takes on the challenge of not just placing candidates but changing their lives. McLean’s journey into recruiting, driven by a desire to do things differently, has evolved into a 17-year legacy of transforming executive placement.

Networking plays a pivotal role in radar’s approach, recognizing its significance for executives and addressing the surprising lack of it in the industry. This commitment manifested during the 2008 recession when radar initiated pro bono networking events across North America and Europe. These gatherings provide executives with opportunities to connect, share insights, and navigate the complexities of job transitions. What began as a simple concept has grown into a valuable service, emphasizing radar’s dedication to giving back to the executive community.

Radar’s success spans various industries, with notable achievements in manufacturing, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence. Despite being a global player, radar maintains a smaller, more intimate approach, focusing on building true partnerships with clients. This emphasis on client satisfaction is not just a philosophy; it’s a measurable metric, with a remarkable 98% satisfaction rate. The key questions of timely delivery, candidate quality, and long-term happiness form the backbone of radar’s success.

In Need of a Headhunting Firm’s Services?

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We look forward to helping you grow your organization by finding executives who fit your values and vision!

In Need of a Headhunting Firm’s Services?

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