Headhunting Services & Consulting

Our team specializes in executive headhunting services, with a demonstrated process for identifying and attracting top-tier talent globally. Our rigorous assessment process ensures candidates have the right abilities, cultural fit, and a track record of success.

In need of headhunting services? Our team is here to help you!


Executive Search

Our talented team will identify the experts in your field who can have a significant and lasting impact on your company’s culture and results.


Talent Sourcing and Market Landscaping

Our team’s expertise, combined with a proprietary AI-enhanced sourcing tool will help you obtain a precise and thorough pool of potential candidates for your business.


Executive Search Consulting

The knowledge, techniques, and guidance we provide will give you the needed tools to influence a Leader’s ability to succeed.

Executive Search and Recruitment

The need for high-performing leaders remains constant in an ever-changing market. Our market knowledge, combined with a consistent ability to identify and attract top talent globally, is what makes us stand out as executive headhunters. Our demonstrated executive search process and rigorous assessment of a candidate’s abilities, cultural fit, and patterns of success will secure senior leaders that will fit your company’s specific needs. Our headhunter services are tailored to help you significantly impact your company’s growth and results.

Executive Talent Sourcing and Market Landscaping

Our sourcing process is unparalleled in the executive search industry. Our targeted and thorough approach is the foundation of our success as executive search consultants. Our talent sourcing extends beyond just the identification of top talent to that of talented leaders. Our proprietary AI-enhanced sourcing tool allows us to build specific and targeted talent pools locally and globally, across multiple industries and functions. This process generates thousands of potential leaders for your business. With radar, you will find the right leaders that will have an impact on your business through their demonstrated success in the right functions and in the right industries.

Leadership Development and Onboarding Services

A structured and strategic onboarding program contributes to leaders being up to 18 times more committed to their organization. However, effective onboarding remains a challenge for many companies. Our unique and robust onboarding process addresses the key pillars to a successful onboarding program: culture, collaboration, engagement, and milestones.

Our headhunting firm works with your organization and its key leaders to understand your cultural goals while integrating a cultural touch into each unique process step. This will encourage a collaborative approach to integrating the new leader into their role and team while building milestones to promote engagement and inclusion.


HR Group

It’s a group that meets on a regular basis with the purpose of creating a network for professionals in similar situations. We genuinely share best practices, challenge each other, and receive assistance in the process of finding our next opportunity as well as achieving our ultimate career goals. Radar is truly fantastic; they facilitate this group and offer valuable counsel, both to the group as a whole and on a personal level.

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Daniel Bélanger
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Repare Therapeutics

What sets them apart from other events is truly the quality of people attending, the transparency, frankness, and the open discussions we engage in.

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Steve Desgagne
CHRO of Canada